"Being a student of Venugopal since the past few years I can boldly claim that he is one of the best teachers of music that I have known. I started having a desire to learn flute but no previous knowledge or training. Venugopal has continuously and patiently guided me throughout these years and because of him I am able to play this wonderful instrument. Last year I did my first public performance and it was with immense pride I was able to say thanks to my teacher Venugopal Hedge. For me a big plus point was his perfect English, honestly I was almost surprised by it, so he has always been able to explain to me all doubts or queries I have. For anyone having an interest to learn flute I would highly recommend Venugopal as your teacher. "At last the notes of his flute come in, and I cannot stop from dancing around on the floor..." -Kabir."

Radhe Khatwani Panama  City, Panama

"I have been a student with Venugopal now for several months, having studied briefly with 2 teachers before him. I can say with confidence that Venugopal is an excellent teacher - he uses the perfect methods for teaching this beautiful instrument. I feel that I have progressed a lot since learning with Venugopal and I have enjoyed lessons very much. He takes much care in explaining the music and is always happy to answer my questions about the intricacies of classical Hindustani music and the bansuri. I am enjoying lessons very much and I can't wait to learn more and eventually perform. I highly recommend Venugopal for anyone wanting to learn the bansuri and its beautiful music "

Craig Grindley Chatham UK

"One can be a great musician but being a great teacher is altogether different ball game. Fortunately, Venugopal possess both skills. I am a busy neurologist, and he has been kind enough to work around my schedule and teach me patiently. My lifelong dream of playing Classical Bansuri has come true. I have been his student for past few months and hope that this continues for years to come. I recommend him for anybody at any level of playing without any reservations."

Swaraj Singh Umass, Arizona USA

"I wanted to say that learning bansuri from venugopal and simply knowing him with his patience towards me and his ability to make me feel comfortable in the classes in such a way that makes the learning efficient and joyful (and what is Indian music if not joy?)Makes me think that the world of music has opened to me and if I might add India has opened to me although I was never there but always had an interest in its culture. I love learning flute with venugopal and am making good progress more then ever in the feel of the music and its structure"

רן חזק Ran Hazak Israel

"Still I Remembered My First class....they started with very basic thing, including how to hold the bansuri. I appreciate the patience of venu sir, his incredible talent, limitless passion about the bansuri, and wonderful sense of humor made them as a Good teacher...I found guidance, friendship, discipline , everything, in one person, that is our beloved venugopal sir...:):) Wherever I go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, You've made a real difference in the lives of the students and coming to this online bansuri site... Am very Happy about this site...:):) it suddenly caught my attention of page visitors...venu sir is giving so many information about bansuri through this site including audio clips and notes for practice. am very happy for being student of him. I am learning bansuri from past one year. Thanks for being my teacher and guiding me towards the right path of life. I am grateful to you forever sir.... :):) :):) Hope this relation will continue throughout my life... :):) :):) :):)"

Raghavendra Joshi Robert Bosch GmbH, Bangalore, India.

"Learning flute is made easy by your unique approach of teaching even online. Classes are very useful for a beginner, for an advanced learner and for an expert artist. Hope we all students make the best use of your sincere efforts of serving Ma Saraswati."

Shailaja Amur Clinical Microbiologist Dharwad, India.

"First of all congratulations to Venugopal on hosting this wonderful web site. I appreciate his efforts put in building this website and I am sure there will be lot more resourceful information in the coming days for all of us to refer and learn from this site.
I have been learning Bansuri from Venugopal via Skype from several months. He has incredible knowledge in music and mastery on the instrument. He teaches traditional classical music with modern approach without any compromise to the quality of Hindustani classical music. For my so long research on the web I am glad to say I found Venugopal affordable yet highly skilled and dedicated teacher!"

Venu Vijay Plano, Texas