Flute is an instrument which is perfectly in tune with nature that a single note of Flute can take a person to a divine mood instantly by soothing mind and the heart”

Welcome to Flutebansuri.com!

The premier destination for information, discussion and multimedia relating to Bansuri and Flute music. Features of this site include a growing library of flute music, videos, composition and improvisation of the Raga for the beginners in Flute, informative and inspirational musical contents.

I am an Indian classical flutist as well as a spiritual seeker. Flute has the absolute purity in its sound. A single note of flute can bring an amazing feeling to oneself.  It feels like as if pouring all our heart in to flute when playing.

Flute music gives enormous happiness and will certainly help us on our way towards the Infinite.

Through this website we are sharing musical and technical aspects of Indian Classical Flute – Bansuri.

Please come in and explore!

Venugopal S Hegde